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About Website Creation at CB Marketing Boutique

1. The client must provide all necessary content for the website before the start of the project, including texts, images, and logos, and must ensure that the content is original and free of copyright. 

2. The agency is not responsible for processing images or videos submitted by the client. If such work is requested, it will be performed at an additional cost.

3. Any changes requested by the client outside the agency's established rules will be charged as an additional service. 

4. The agency will not be responsible for any website malfunction or security issues resulting from modifications made by the client.

5. The client must ensure that all information provided to the agency is accurate and up-to-date and must inform the agency immediately of any relevant changes after the final project delivery.

6. In case of project cancellation by the client, the agency will charge the full contract value as agreed between the parties.

7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): 

a) SEO is a preliminary job of our writing team before website launch. It involves several hours of online research, competitor research, and relevant keyword research for the business as a whole. 

b) Text changes requested by the client will be made, but it is important to be aware that these changes may affect the SEO score. 

c) Our team is not responsible for content created by the client and does not flag errors, even if crucial for Google ranking.

8. Layouts: 

a) Our layouts consider recent research on interactive design, average site stay time for the client, main search topics, most sought-after answers for the business in the last 12 months, average text size read by consumers within the industry, text disposition, among others. 

b) All optimization is done with the aim of attracting the consumer through long-term organic searches and increasing conversions.

c) Layout changes requested by the client will be made, but we are not responsible for the ranking result or conversion difficulties.

9. Delivery time and changes: The deadline for website delivery is 40 business days after the client sends the information, images, and videos.

a) The client is entitled to request one layout and text adjustment for the entire website, all adjustments must be made within the same document. Additional changes will be charged hourly according to our current hourly rate table, after an estimate of the work hours is approved by the client. All changes must be submitted in writing in a single document.

b) The deadline for website changes is 15 business days. 

c) Final adjustments: Grammatical correction is the last stage of website delivery, made after client approval. 

d) Final adjustments and checks take up to 10 business days to complete. 

e) The website is fully responsive and requires testing and adjustments by the team before final delivery. Adjustments will be made only after approval on desktop.

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